Duhok Executive Apartments

Duhok is one of the most beautiful cities of Kurdistan, it offers people the opportunity to live and work in a beautiful, peaceful yet modern environment, one that has been truly touched by nature yet can boast all the modern services. It is a city where families can live and enjoy life in total peace and tranquillity but still experience all the benefits of 21st century living.

No wonder it is the fastest developing city in the whole of Iraq!

The setting is truly spectacular, the city nestles beneath a majestic range of mountains, ones that are envy of the Swiss Alps and adjoining the city is a magnificent lake and sumptuous downs.

Dabin is proud to have played a key role in the development of Duhok city through the provision of luxury hotels and modern retail services. Our Mazi supermarket complex offers a range products stretching to 10,000s and all sited under one roof, products that cannot be found elsewhere are available to the people of Duhok in the Mazi supermarket complex. And our 5 Star Jiyan and Lumana Hotels sit right at the heart of the local tourist industry by offering foreign visitors and tourists accommodation luxury that matches and beats anything else available in the whole of Iraq.

Today Dabin continues to play an active role in the development of Duhok with construction, management and facilities projects; projects ranging from comprehensive building programmes through to the management of Kurdistan's largest industrial complex of Ibrahim Khalil port. A further significant programme that is in the design stage is a 250 acre Tourist complex at the heart of Swaretooka incorporating a 5 star hotel, holiday apartments, restaurants and leisure facilities. These programmes will support the economic and social growth of Dabin.

One particular Dabin project that is well underway is the construction and development of 17 luxury apartment buildings in the heart of Duhok city. Phase 1 of the programme will deliver 306 fully serviced luxury apartments and show apartments are available now to visit and experience the luxury of modern day living. This particular programme is being managed and delivered by KAR, the premier Dabin construction subsidiary company. KAR in partnership with Camlibel have used the most up-to-date and rigorous techniques and relevant materials in order to create apartments blocks and apartments that are environmentally friendly, yet possess design and fit-out values that equate to anything that can be found in the world today.


Duhok Executive Apartments

There is ample parking facilities and common greens with fountains, playgrounds and paved walkways.

The apartment blocks are organised in three building clusters, of 8 , 4 and 5 buildings. Bringing the total to 17 blocks and 306 luxury apartments.

Actual building and civil work commenced late 2005. Yet Dabin confident that it will be in a position to release the first phase of fully fitted apartments by the by end of 2006.

The show homes are already complete and awaiting inspection. Come along and sample modern day living Dabin style!

This a fully funded Dabin programme and is a testament to Dabin's commitment to deliver products and services that are relevant to the people of Kurdistan today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Dabin working hard for the people of Kurdistan

Phase -1 of the project includes the building of 17 apartment blocks on a 40,000 sqm of prime development land close to the Mazi Supermarket in Duhok.

Each of the apartments buildings is 10 stories high with each floor split into two apartments and topped of with a penthouse at the 10th floor. The ground floor houses all the services and amenities from the resident concierge through to a fully trained and equipped security detail.

Only the best and most modern techniques have been used in this construction programme. Dabin has addressed environmental issues with this programme.

Dabin are confident that the design value of the buildings will support and indeed enhance the Duhok skyline.

Dabin working for the people of Kurdistan today and tomorrow.

Duhok Executive Apartments

Building on the solid foundation and benefiting from the experience of world class contractor and engineering partners ensures that the project is delivered on time and to the demanding specifications laid down by Dabin for this project.



Dabin working for the people of Kurdistan today and tomorrow.


Only the finest quality and most environmentally friendly materials have been used in this development, ones that will ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Residents will enjoy superb views of mountains and hillsides of Duhok from the comfort of their living rooms and balconies.

Bekhma Dam Housing Development Project

The Bekhma Dam housing project aims to provide living accommodation for the project team working on the reconstructing the Bekhma Dam. The Bekhma Dam itself is about 100 km northern Erbil and regarded as one of key strategic project in Iraq. Once complete the Bekhma Dam can provide Kurdistan region with 1800 mega watt of electricity.

The Bekhma Dam Housing development project was awarded to Dabin by the Ministry of water resources and comprises of 95 houses. The first phase of this project was completed on time and 55 houses were handed over to the ministry of water resources.

The second phase of the development project is well underway and Dabin expects to complete this project and hand over to the Ministry on of before the expected time.

Serene view of the Behkm Valy were the DAM will turn into a massive lake

Hareer Food Canning Factory Food technology experts

The Hareer food possessing factory was completely overhauled in 2001 fitted with new modern machinery and equipment to expand capabilities in processing efficiency, number of products and quality. The Hareer plant uses modern food processing technology to achieve greater efficiency and quality in our canned pulses.

The equipment uses high temperatures and short cook times to optimize the nutritional quality of our products.

This plant was designed in adherence to the International quality standards for sanitation and the systems used are the basis for quality assurance to ensure a safe and sanitary process environment in which to consistently produce high quality food products. The facility and its products are inspected and are continually monitored to ensure that standards and quality remains high and adhered.

The rich plains of Hareer were the finest vegetables are grown and taken to Dabin's Hareer food processing plant

Ibrahim Khaleel Trading Complex

Industrial Units, Commercial Units, Warehouses, Workshops and Garages Designed and Built to modern standards

Ibrahim Khaleel is one of the most strategic ports of Iraq. Ibrahim Khalil is Iraq's gateway to Europe and the western world through Turkey. The port is a vital route for commerce and is extensively used by a chain of non stopping convoy of commercial traffic in both directions carrying out most needed imports and exports.

Dabin owns a prime trading complex of industrial warehouses and business units at the heart of Ibrahim Khalil port. These units are leased or let to companies needing to operate its business at the port of Ibrahim Khalil.

This complex provides Dabin with unique facilities to transact with major commercial operators in Iraq and the Middle East.

Dabin provides property management and services to its clients at the port of Ibrahin Khalil trading complex, and has developed the complex to meet the increased demand on commercial properties especially at such an important strategic location as the port of Ibrahim Khalil.

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